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Distance Energy Sessions

What are Distance Energy Sessions?


Four Winds Reiki focuses on Distance Sessions using Reiki or Crystal Energy which can clear energy and balance chakras as a starting point for healing issues of the body, mind, & spirit.

The process of keeping ones' self (referring to humans) in an ideal energetic state is cyclical and requires that all areas/aspects of life to be balanced. The following model shows how Energy (Reiki) works on healing the self.

Distance Energy sessions are a collaborative effort; the client holds the intention (being open to the process along with holding a purpose for the session) to receive "healing" energy while Karen Chan channels energy to the client and, thus, to the intention being held by the client. 

While having intention is key, it must be stated that Energy being neutral in and of itself, will be sent and received for the highest good of the client - whatever that might be. This is why identifying patterns and making necessary changes in ones' life helps to complete the equation of receiving Energy Sessions.

Distance Reiki Energy Sessions are available using a method of channeling/directing Universal Life Force Energy to any being, place, time, or issue to achieve relaxation and stress reduction by removing energy blockages and/or balancing Chakras


Who Is Reiki Energy For?


Reiki Energy serves as a catalyst for change and can assist change for: 

  • Every Living Being 
  • Every Issue or Condition
  • Every Time Possible
  • Every Place Possible 

How Do Reiki Sessions Work?


Client Intention works with the Reiki session for best outcome. 

  • Client books their appointment using online booking system
  • Client relaxes in place of their choosing during their session
  • Session commences at the booked time (client is not contacted prior to or during the session)
  • Reiki is channeled to client goal with goal of clearing and balancing energy to create an ideal state for change to occur
  • Client is invited to email session feedback or ask any questions after the session. 

After The Session:

​The client should feel balanced, clear, and relaxed by the session's end and can use the journal pages in the manual to record the experience or observations as a means to start a plan of action and track progress. Consider any changes that might be required; releasing false/limiting beliefs, making choices in alignment with feeling balanced, etc.


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